Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My holidays Recount

1.On the hoildays so far we have bean on the airplane I am a little bored right now.
2.We have to wait until 7:05 pm to get off the plane.
3.Then we arrivved at Singapore it was so hot there that I got sleepy.
4.We woke up the next day,mummy,daddy and I went for a swim it was cold  but  we adapted to the temperature I had fun at the pool.
5.Next we had breakfast we had to go to a smelly shopping center it smelled  terrible but we had the Most yummiest Laksa ever!!
6.After we went to the airport to fly to Hong Kong but  then we had a call from are next door neighbour he said that there was a storm that wrecked our house so we couldn't go sadly.😭😭 
7.After that we stayed in Singapore I was a little sad but I had lots of fun!!
8.The Next Day me and my mummy went out to have the best day of my life we went to Sentosa  and I had lots of fun because we went to see the aquarium my favourite fish is Jelly Fish because it has tentacles. Then we caught a monorail to Indian Station next we went up the escalator to a flat part then we went on a ride called  Desperado we had to shoot the bad guys we thought that the horses were still but we were wrong.It they moved I has terrified then we went out the door.After we  went on the Sky Line I was having a good time until it rained I was so soaked. Then we  ran to the SentosaExpress.
9.The Next day we packed our bags ready to go to fly to Taipei it took about 4 hours and 10 minutes to get to Taipei it was super cold there and rainy but at night we go to the Night Market first we got a sugar donut at donut store.
10.Then we caught a train back to the hotel.
11.The next day it was a rainy day in a small town I was starting and wanted to  eat seaweed there were two kinds of seaweed and I loved both.Next we went on a cute train on the way and there and back. The next day we went to the airport when we got to the lounge are feet were so tired  that we had to sit down. First my mum went to a  comfortable seat and played here iPad then we had a shower next my mum was sleeping. We had to wait on til  midnight I was so tired when we go into are seats my dad was so scared so he pushed in because he was scared.